Old Thylacine (song)

written and sung by Jim Low
Verse 1
From the start your days were numbered
You could not roam wild and free
They were looking for a scapegoat
And it's you it seemed to be
Did you really kill all those sheep?
The facts just don't ring true
But it's hard to argue with them
When their traps were set for you

Verse 2
You were here for such a long time
In this ancient, southern land
You roamed the hills and the forest
Your destiny seemed planned
With your sense of smell and cunning
You preferred to hunt at night
On your head they placed a bounty
To rid you from their sight.

Old thylacine, old thylacine
Just a picture in a magazine
Your eyes search mine
You've no more time
You're only missed
Now that you're gone.

Verse 3
And when they realised what they had done
Already it was too late
No expedition to seek you out
Could stop your cruel fate
They hunted you to extinction
Through fear and greed alike
Insensitive and ignorant
No-one could win this fight

© Jim Low