Discovering Running Stream

© Jim Low

St John’s Church, Running Stream, was opened in September 1906. Called a ‘union church’, it replaced a rundown, wooden building that had served those of the Presbyterian faith. Its reincarnation as a union church suggests perhaps a new spirit of ecumenicalism. However, it only gathered in its own congregation of Christian believers, those who followed a fundamentalist doctrine and excluded Roman Catholics.

St John’s Church, Running Stream
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Tathra Wharf

Written and sung by Jim Low

Tathra wharf is situated on the far south coast of New South Wales. Tathra is a picturesque, beachside village not far east of Bega. Some years ago, my family chose to make it our annual holiday destination. My wife and I found it a wonderful place to spend quality time with our granddaughters who live inter-state. In 2019, having not been to Tathra for a few years, we decided to return on our own. The area, despite suffering a savage bushfire since our last visit, had lost none of its charm.

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Alexandra Alexandrovna Asovtseff: The Sights That Filled Her Head

Alexandra’s Pictures – written and sung by Jim Low. Read the lyrics
Self portrait (from a biography about her life and art by Anastasia Cox)

Alexandra Alexandrovna Asovtseff emigrated to Australia with her husband in August 1954, the year that the new Queen of England visited.  Although of Russian descent, for most of her life Alexandra had lived in China. After a short time at Bondi, she and her husband bought a house across the harbour at Neutral Bay. 

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