Ebenezer Mission Station (song)

written and sung by Jim Low

On entering the church I was struck by the wonderful acoustics of this now empty building. I thought I would test them out and sang a couple of songs I had learnt as a child at Sunday school at North Sydney in the 1950s. Not having sung the songs, “Be valiant, be strong” and “My cup’s full and running over” for so long, I was surprised at the accuracy and confidence of my recall. It was only later, when I returned home, listened to a recording I made of my singing and read and reflected on the mission that I realized how appropriate my song choice had actually been.

Ebenezer Mission church
Singing in the mission church
One Anzac Day around about noon
Remembering songs from Sunday School
Indelible words, indelible tunes.

“My cup is full and running over”,
“Be valiant, be very strong“
Resist the power of sin”, I sing
Words from days long gone.

Lest we forget old Ebenezer
The mission on a limestone rise
A rock of hope for over fifty years
Below those unending, Wimmera skies.

Devout Moravians with good intention
Believed a future did exist
Salvation for all God’s creation
Eternal life for the indigenous.

With Ebenezer’s isolation
The settlers’ ways could not confound
Pressure placed on long traditions
Saw changes that would be profound.

Black and white both rest together
In the soil, now hallowed ground
Corroboree and mission bell
Echoes from the past resound.

© Jim Low