In the south-west section of Blue Mountains National Park, a high ridge offers a view of the distinctive Morong Falls. 

Viewing point for Morong Falls (image: Sue Nicol)

A red-necked wallaby, a goanna and a snake – possibly a copperhead – crossed our path as we traversed the vehicular track between the National Park boundary and Morong Falls Lookout. 

700 metres before the lookout we came upon a narrow ridge peppered with lichen-encrusted granite boulders and the air was perfumed with the scent of the dominant Eucalypts. The vehicular track plunged steeply through 100 metres of loose rocks and gravel, causing us to park the four wheel drives and walk. 

Granite outcrop, SW Blue Mountains NP (image: Christine Davies)

The diverse vegetation provided a plant identification challenge as the descent flattened out and we surmounted one more little knoll before reaching an inspiring panorama centred on the spindly streams of Morong Falls whispering their way into the “Morong Deep” section of the Upper Kowmung River. 

© Don Morison

the unique patterns of the multiple watercourses of Morong Falls (image: Sue Nicol)

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