Miss Carey’s Little Park (song)

Written and sung by Jim Low – recorded with Jason and Chloe Roweth
From the wild Miss Carey made a garden
Worked it daily with love and care
Cleared the land, planted shrubs and ferns
And made a park so fair.

And I used to scrape the horse manure
From underneath the baker’s cart
Bucket it and take it to
Miss Carey’s little park

She walked a stairway steep and narrow
Leading to her park below
Carrying garden tools as well
Her shears, broom, rake and hoe.

North Sydney quickly started changing
She watched new buildings crowd the skies
Office blocks replacing houses
A city growing before her eyes

To Miss Carey life was always precious
“We’re here to be of use”, she’d say
The park continues to remind us
A useful life once passed this way.

© Jim Low 1990

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