BLUE TRAIL 11: Bird Rock Nature Reserve, Central Newnes Plateau

Mountains most spectacular lookouts. A trig and sandstone outcrops, showing some visitation by careless picnickers, rise to the north of the four-wheel-drive route.


Visitors admire the Wolgan catchment from the outcrop at Bird Rock
[Photo © Geoff Derney]

On clear days, the Eucalypt forests can be seen sweeping sharply down towards the main valley of the Wolgan. Escarpment features like Cape Horn and the brow of Donkey Mountain punctuate the middle ground. You can see over much of the ridge west of the Wolgan to the crests of Pantoneys Crown, Mount Genowlan and Mount Tayan.

On the way there one passes areas of the plateau much affected by Angus Place and other collieries. It is to be hoped oases like the Bird Rock Reserve inspire the long- term preservation and, where necessary, revegetation of Newnes Plateau.

© Don Morison

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