A Sense of Place: Echoes of the Past

© Kelly Shaw

Recently we spent the day searching for a message from the past. Hundreds of years ago the Wiradjuri tribe had left their mark on the walls of an impressive area not too far from our home.

A magnificent and secluded area that took some sleuthing to find.

No signs to direct us, just the instincts of Harry’s ‘PaPa’ who had visited this place once before. What we found was an ancient gathering place of the local aboriginal tribe. The walls rose up impressively before us and as we walked in we could feel the vibrations of the past and the importance of where we were.

Extraordinary rock formations, beautiful bird calls and wattle blooming. We scanned the walls for the evidence of the Wiradjuri people. When our eyes adjusted, there they were. Hand prints.. a reminder of how our planet should be treated, with respect and care.

So delicate and fragile, it was so close to an area almost destroyed by 4WD vehicles and not far from where the local mine is having a devastating effect on the environment. I hope this place is only discovered by others who can respect the wonder and importance of history and nature. My wish is that these echoes of the past are still existing for Harry to bring his grandchildren to see.

© Kelly Shaw

Kelly Shaw lives in the Blue Mountains with her husband and young son. She describes herself as a creative dabbler and a collector of things.

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