At Stringybark Creek (lyrics)

written and sung by Jim Low
recorded with Jason and Chloe Roweth
available on the the CD, Above the Creek Bed
I stood today at Stringybark Creek
Where those fatal shots were fired
A place of haunting beauty
Where three policemen died.

I wished for a fleeting moment
That I saw what happened there
Back in late October
Of the 1878th year.

Sunlight pierced the tree line
Old gums kept changing hue
As if the oils of McCubbin
Long ago painted this view.

Afternoon shadows fingered
Across this lonely, mystery land
Entreating me to wonder
And try to understand.

Twists of bark were scattered
Ground moist from recent, welcome rain
And soon the sombre vespers
Of night birds sweet refrain.

And when those shots resounded
Bodies lying on the bushland floor
They crossed a line and forever
Their name would be outlaw.

©Jim Low

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