Charcoal Annie: She Died A Mystery

Very little is known about the woman called Charcoal Annie. She roamed the Riverina district of southern New South Wales, a lone woman swaggy whose home was usually an encampment near a river. She collected the wood which had often become trapped near the river bends of the Murray and Murrumbidgee, after it had been washed down by flood waters. Continue reading “Charcoal Annie: She Died A Mystery”

Spring Hill Station

Written and sung by Jim Low.
Live at the Time Cafe with Ian Jenkins and Lyall Brown

Spring Hill is a small township between Bathurst and Orange, in country New South Wales. In the middle of 1988 I happened to drive through Springhill. I noticed the old railway station that was situated at the top end of the main street. The railway had reached the town by the late 1870s and in 1884 the station building had been completed. 

Fence being erected around Spring Hill Station in 1988 [photo: © Jim Low]
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