Verse 1
From Mudgee to Lithgow
She’s always travelling ‘round
Or maybe out Coolah way
Where the Black Stump can be found

Chorus 1
Mary, the Syrian, is on the road again
Mary is on the road again

Verse 2.
A basket is on her head
Two others in each hand
Full of wondrous things
For the people on the land

Chorus 2
Needles, cottons, pins
Those and fancy things
Trinkets and babies’ clothes
These items Mary brings
Chorus 1 

Verse 3.
Mary’s back is never bent
She walks just like a queen
Along these dusty country miles
Where only few have been
Chorus 1

And many a lonely face
Will smile when she arrives
Her baskets holding wondrous things
To cheer these outback lives
Chorus 1
Chorus 2


Jim Low ©  1993



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