2. Kingsford-Smith and the Southern Cross Trans-Pacific Ocean Flight

Here’s the second episode. It looks at the 1928 Pacific Ocean Crossing led by Charles Kingsford Smith in the Southern Cross aeroplane. Hear about some of the difficulties faced together with a description by Smithy himself. Listen to some personal memories of Jim’s late father as he describes seeing Smithy’s plane fly low over his head.

The featured song is From Oakland to Brisbane.

1. Boyd’s Tower at Twofold Bay

Here’s the very first podcast. It tells a little of the history of Boyd’s Tower at Twofold Bay on the far south coast of New South Wales. Listen to the tower’s story through the lives of two people associated with it – Ben Boyd, its builder, and Peter Lia, a young whaler who lost his life chasing a whale. Jim was there in mid September and thought the ambience inside the tower sounded so interesting that he had to try it. You will hear him testing the acoustics with his minidisc.

The featured song is Boyd’s Tower.