The Spent Dollar

©  Chris Woodland

As the years roll by many customs, tools and words that were once in daily use fade from normal life, living on only in the minds of those that have experienced their presence. Eventually that which was once an integral part of every day existence is known only to the occasional historian or folklorist. Continue reading “The Spent Dollar”

Buried in Katoomba

The Story of Private John Parker

Veteran of The Great War

© John Low

Parker grave

John Parker lies in an unmarked grave,1 one of many in the cemetery at Katoomba. Untended, it is indistinguishable from the unoccupied plots nearby. His death was one of those small tragedies reported occasionally in the local press and arousing for a brief moment a flutter of community interest before fading from memory. Parker’s tale may well bear retelling. Continue reading “Buried in Katoomba”