Author: simplyoz

The Icecream Kid

If you have been around the showground, In the days now gone and went, I am sure your memory will recall, The old time Boxing, Tent. They turned up at your local show, Featured boxers from the past, And starry eyed young Koori...

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The Addled Adder

I could barely ride a horse, And that became the source, Of the terrifying course the day would take, The boss said to ride around a bit, Showed me how to mount and sit, But, he told me bugger all about the snake. So, me and the...

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The Ins and Outs of a Brussels Sprout

The year was forty-four, near the end of the Second World War, There were many things we learnt to do without, There was one particular can, we didn’t want in our tiny hands And it contained the dreaded Brussels Sprout ....

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The One Armed Baboon

Genial Johnny was a showman, With a tent variety show, Magic acts and animals, Well known out on the road. He had lions and some ponies, Plus monkeys, quite a few, The lord of all these primates, Was an olive King baboon. Johnny...

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