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Discovering Running Stream

© Jim Low

St John’s Church, Running Stream, was opened in September 1906. Called a ‘union church’, it replaced a rundown, wooden building that had served those of the Presbyterian faith. Its reincarnation as a union church suggests perhaps a new spirit of ecumenicalism. However, it only gathered in its own congregation of Christian believers, those who followed a fundamentalist doctrine and excluded Roman Catholics.

St John’s Church, Running Stream
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With The Poet Lorikeet: Denis Kevans

© Jim Low

written and sung by Jim Low. Read the lyrics

On the afternoon of 23 August 2005, I went for a long walk in the bush. That morning I was deeply saddened to hear of the passing of Denis Kevans, the self described ‘Poet Lorikeet’. Denis was known for his poetry, his songs, his performances, his scholarship and his passion for the environment. He was also a friend.

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